Welcome to Russian Translation.

My name is Svetlana Kuznetsova and I am a professional technical translator/interpreter.

My interpreter/translator work experience is more than 20 years, out of which 12 were the years of my employment by international companies (Norwegian Kvaerner Vyborg Shipyard, American International Paper)operating in Russia.Working in pulp & paper industry, shipbuilding and energy department of a pulp & paper mill I got to know quite a lot about those areas. My 9 years of stay with International Paper Energy department resulted in profound knowledge of the area terminology – gas and recovery boilers, turbine generators, water preparation and effluent treatment, BCTMP operation, microbiology etc. I assisted numerous foreign consultants completing various tasks on equipment erection and tuning, welding and construction. Being an interpreter and personal assistant to Energy Director I participated not only in production, but also corporate business meetings, commercial negotiations, presentations and conference calls.I possess both interpretation techniques, but a simultaneous one has always been my strong point and preference. In 2007 at the European Reliability Conference in Gdansk, organized by International Paper, I completed booth interpretation.
In October 2011 I took part in EA Certification and Inspection Committee meetings organized by the Czech Accreditation Institute in Prague simultaneously interpreting outside the booth.